Addictive Ice Cream Pie

Addictive Ice Cream Pie

In culinary school, I was always in awe of the fantastic frozen desserts my patisserie counterparts produced. They were gorgeous works of art that took hours and were presque too pretty to eat.

Today I am bringing you the EXACT opposite. This ice cream pie is not particularly pretty nor does it take much time, but damn it is GOOD! I happen to know that these do not last long so you might want to make deux.

French Lesson du jour
Patisserie - pastry
Presque - almost
Deux - two

Easy Ice Cream Pie

1 10 inch graham cracker crust
~1 quart vanilla ice cream, softened
8 oz fudge sauce (find my easy recipe here)

Use homemade or store-bought items to build this ice cream pie. I prefer to buy the crust and then make homemade vanilla ice cream and pour it freshly-churned into the pie. If you are using store-bought ice cream, simply leave it on the counter about 15 minutes until it softens enough to easily spread into the crust.
Once the crust is filled with ice cream, place it into the freezer for about an hour to harden. Then, pour the fudge sauce on top and gently spread over the ice cream. Work quickly so that the ice cream does not start to melt. It helps if the fudge sauce is at a pourable consistency, but not hot.

Once the ice cream is covered in the sauce, place the pie into the freezer to harden for at least two hours. Once ready, cut slices and watch everyone come back for seconds. Enjoy!
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