Fluffy Yogurt Pancakes

Fluffy Yogurt Pancakes

When I lived in France, I embraced breakfast from the local boulangeries. In fact, I'm pretty sure that the reason my ugly chef's pants were too tight by the time I left had more to do with my daily croissant aux amandes than the baby boy growing in my belly. That said, every once in a while I craved a decidedly all-American breakfast: fluffy pancakes with crispy edges, thick bacon and a chocolate milk shake (ok, ok..the milkshake might have had something to do with the pregnancy cravings).

Here's the thing, and this probably will not come as a shock: All-American style breakfasts are rarely found in France. UNLESS, that is, you live in Paris where a restaurant literally called BREAKFAST IN AMERICA exists. It serves the most delectable and huge (another American trait) blueberry pancakes. So, every once in a while when the mood struck, my husband and I walked through the Latin Quarter in the dreary Parisian rain to stand in line at this popular restaurant and wait our turn for large portions of deliciousness.

Fast forward several years. I was enceinte (again) on vacation and trying to use whatever food we had in the fridge before leaving which included pancake mix and greek yogurt. I decided on a whim to add the greek yaourt to the pancake mix to up the protein factor and not waste any food. To my surprise, that addition made for the tastiest, fluffiest pancakes I had eaten since dining in Paris at Breakfast In America.

Today, I'm finally sharing the recipe with you. These pancakes are not only a crowd pleaser but they also freeze beautifully! Tightly wrap any leftover pancakes in plastic wrap, put in a ziplock bag and pop into the freezer. Whenever you want pancakes, simply pull them out, unwrap and heat in the microwave. Et voila! They will be like new.

French lesson du jour
Boulangeries - bakeries
Croissant aux amandes - almond croissant
Enceinte - pregnant
Yaourt - yogurt

Fluffy Yogurt Pancakes
Makes 9 (4 inch) pancakes

2 cups pancake mix (I use Bisquick Heart Smart or my homemade mix)
1 cup full fat greek yogurt
1 tablespoon pure vanilla extract
2 eggs, slightly beaten
Up to 3/4 cup whole milk (I use Fairlife milk which has less sugar and more protein)
Canola or vegetable oil, for cooking

Place all ingredients EXCEPT MILK in a large bowl and stir with a spatula. Slowly add the milk until you get the consistency you want. If you are looking for thick fluffy pancakes, it is typically just shy of that 3/4 cup mark so add slowly, a little at a time. 

Lightly coat a griddle or large non-stick pan with oil over medium heat. Allow the pan to heat for several minutes so that the hot oil will sear the edges, making them perfectly crispy. Using a 1/3 cup measurement, pour the batter on the hot oil. Allow the pancake to cook until bubbles start to form on the edges (typically a few minutes) and then gently flip the pancake over and cook another minute or two. Remove from the pan, slather with butter and syrup. Et voila! Fantastic fluffy pancakes with an extra dose of protein.

Notes: If the edges of your first pancake are too dark, simply turn the heat down a bit. Also, leave enough space to flip the pancakes over easily. In this large 14 inch skillet*, I only cook three pancakes at a time. After each batch of three, I pour more oil in the pan and allow it to heat a minute before adding the next batch.
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