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Imported French Candies

Imported French Candies

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These delicious, all-natural hard candies handmade in France will transport you there at first taste.  Made without artificial flavors or colors, these candies are also gluten-free and vegan friendly.   Enjoy them this holiday season!

Buy 1 for $12 or 3 for $30.  Discount automatically applied at checkout. 

There are three varieties (all 11.64 oz):

Berlingots are classic fruit-based hard candies known for their stripes, colorfulness, and signature pillow shape. These come in various flavors and are made by hand on a marble top in the same fashion as when they were invented 800 years ago by a French pastry chef to Pope Clement V.  Gift a little bit of history this year!

Lemon and Orange candies are reminiscent of Provence with its many citrus trees and the "fete du citron" celebrated in the beautiful city of Menton, France each year.  A perfect balance of sweet and sour, these hard candies are a wonderful treat.  Shaped like slices of citrus, these are appealing to the eyes as well!

Raspberry and Blackberry candies bring a sweet berry flavor to life while also being visually appealing with their shape.  These are a best-seller that are hard to keep in stock!

Available for porch pickup in Dallas near White Rock Lake.

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