Tahitian Vanilla Extract - Storage Tips & Recipe Ideas

Tahitian Vanilla Extract - Storage Tips & Recipe Ideas

Welcome to Pink Slip Gourmet!  If you purchased or were gifted our gourmet vanilla extract, hooray for you and your baked goods!  This homemade extract is sure to take everything you bake up a notch.  Here’s how: our extract only has two simple but important ingredients: Tahitian vanilla beans and vodka.  That’s it! There is nothing added that you cannot pronounce. It is simply pure vanilla extract at its finest.  Plus, the way in which we prep, bottle, store, and age our vanilla all by hand allows it to gain amazing aromatic flavor.  You will notice dozens of flecks of the vanilla bean seeds and vanilla bean filament in your bottle and this is a VERY good thing!

How to store and extend the life of your vanilla:

1. Always store in a cool dry place.  

2. Once you have used a few teaspoons and the beans start to be exposed, simply pour enough vodka into the bottle (a funnel helps) to cover the beans, secure the top and give the bottle a good shake.  Your vanilla will keep indefinitely if you do this regularly.  If for some reason you do not want to do this, you can remove the beans and use the extract until the bottle is empty.

3. You may begin to use your vanilla right away if you would like or you can opt to keep it bottled and store another 3-6 months to allow the flavors to continue to blossom.  If you choose to wait, make sure to give the bottle a shake every once in a while to distribute the vanilla flavor well.  

Tips on using vanilla:

1. Always use a little more vanilla than an average recipe calls for, unless you are using one of my recipes.  My recipes have just the right amount of vanilla because I have learned a little extra vanilla goes a long way in the flavor department.  Do not be afraid of an extra splash or two.

2. Remember to put the top back on the vanilla after using it.  There’s nothing worse than accidentally spilling your delicious vanilla all over your kitchen counter.

3. Don’t forget to refill once the top of the beans are exposed!

4. Shake the bottle well right before use.

Here are a few of my favorite recipes in which to use homemade vanilla extract:

Butterscotch Brookies

Dark Chocolate Flourless Cake

Cinnamon Vanilla Waffles

Fluffy Yogurt Pancakes

Decadent Fudge Sauce

Enjoy your new bottle of gourmet Tahitian vanilla extract!  If you have any questions, please send them our way by emailing pinkslipgourmet@gmail.com.

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