Cranberry & Raspberry Simple Syrup Instructions and Recipes

Cranberry & Raspberry Simple Syrup Instructions and Recipes

This post is for those who have purchased or been gifted a bottle of Pink Slip Gourmet's Cranberry or Raspberry Simple Syrup.  Naturally a beautiful red color, this syrup has only three ingredients (sugar, water and either cranberries or raspberries) and is absolutely delicious. Please keep your syrup in the fridge.  It will stay fresh at least four weeks.  Below you will find ideas and recipes on how to use it.  Enjoy!

Cocktails: This syrup is a great way to up your cocktail game as it makes for visually stunning and very tasty drinks.  From lemon raspberry martinis to raspberry-jalapeno margaritas to cranberry Moscow mulesthere are infinite possibilities.  

Mocktails: Use a splash of the syrup in sparkling water or homemade lemonade and you have a winner!

In food: Sweeten plain greek yogurt with a drizzle of syrup, then add some chopped dark chocolate and granola for the perfect snack.  Or, use it as you would maple syrup over pancakes, french toast or waffles.

In baking: Moisten sponge cakes by poking small holes on the top of the cakes and brushing the syrup over it.  Delicious!

If you have any other ideas on how best to use your syrup, tag us on instragram @pinkslipgourmet and let us know!

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